eFile Texas Small Claims - Step by Step

1. File Petition
eFile an Small Claims lawsuit. File the petition in the justice of peace court of the county where defendant or plaintiff resides, or on the county where the incident took place.
File Petition (Now)
2. Get Hearing Date
Call the county clerk's office where the petition was filed to get the hearing date and time.
3. Serve the Defendant
Make sure to verify that the defendant has been served.
4. Court hearing
Verify the court date with the clerk and be present in the court at the day of hearing.
Note: While eFiling, it is not uncommon that the filings get rejected. We kindly ask for your understanding, as document rejections can occur due to various factors like missing information, incorrect formatting, outdated documents, documents' size, etc. The court filing fees deducted from the account will be returned back to the account within 3 to 10 business days, depending on financial policies of the banks/credit companies.