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Fast & Easy Self eFiling

1 eFile's interface makes e-Filing easy, fast, and FUN! How often can you say that about e-Filing? Simply login and experience the awesomeness of 1eFile.

Bulk / Batch eFiling

Are you a volume filer and want to file thousands of documents to courts with a click of a button? Simply contact us and we will configure the system for you.

REST API Integration

Are you a volume filer, a software company or a geek who wants to integrate your software with the courts directly & securely? Simply contact us and we will love to help.

Become an EFSP

What are you waiting for?  Contact us and we will help you get certified as a eFiling provider. And take your brand to the next level!

Concierge eFiling Service

We know that your time is valuable and many of you simply do not have time to deal with eFiling. No worries! Simply email your documents to us and we will do the filing.

BECOME an EFSP like us!
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Why Attorneys and Firms choose us?

Multiple documents in a single submission

Save time and money by eFiling multiple lead documents and attachments in a single submission.

Industry-best support

Our knowledgeable team is always around to support you via Chat, Email or Phone.

Easiest eFiling solution

Our eFiling solution so simple and straight forward to use that you can eFile to courts in a matter of just a few minutes.

Legal Technology Provider

We provide custom technology solution to small and large legal organizations all over the country.