Texas - Name Change

1. File Petition
File the name change petition in the other family law division of district court.
File Petition (Now)
2. Get your Fingerprinting Done
Get your fingerprints taken by scheduling an appointment by visiting https://www.identogo.com/locations/texas. If you have already done fingerprinting, please skip this step.
3. Send your Documents to DPS Austin
Send the fingerprinting card along with the stamped petition to DPS (Department of Public Safety) in Austin and DPS will send the report to the court in a few weeks (sometimes it can take longer). Also, file the fingerprint doucment to the court.
4. Court Hearing
Contact the District Clerk's office periodically to check to see if your criminal history/fingerprints have come in so that they can schedule a hearing (if needed), and appear on the court as mentioned.