File an Income Withholding for Support

Income withholding for support in a Texas divorce is a legal mechanism where the court orders the paying party's employer to deduct a specified amount of child support or spousal support (alimony) from their wages and send it directly to the recipient party, typically through the Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit. This process ensures that support payments are made consistently and on time, reducing the risk of non-payment and disputes. It is a standard practice to enforce support obligations and ensure the financial well-being of children and spouses entitled to support following a divorce.
1. Download the Document
Please click here to download the document(s) and complete them.
2. Make Service Payment
Please click here to make the service payment.
Please note that any court filing fees, if applicable, are your responsibility, and the service payment you have made is non-refundable.
3. Send us the Document(s)
Please send us the document(s) via email to, and please ensure to thoroughly review the document before returning it to us.
4. eFile Account Setup and eFile
We will establish an eFiling account for you to submit your document(s) to the court electronically. After the filing is complete, you will receive an envelope number from the court system.
Please reach out to the court to inquire about the filing's status.
Note: While eFiling, it is not uncommon that the filings get rejected. We kindly ask for your understanding, as document rejections can occur due to various factors like missing information, incorrect formatting, outdated documents, documents' size, etc. The court filing fees deducted from the account will be returned back to the account within 3 to 10 business days, depending on financial policies of the banks/credit companies.