File a Request for Citation by Posting

In Texas, a Request for Citation by Posting is a legal request made by a plaintiff to the court when they are unable to locate or personally serve the defendant in a lawsuit. This request is used in situations where the defendant's whereabouts are unknown, or they are intentionally avoiding service. If the court grants the request, the plaintiff can post a copy of the citation or summons at the courthouse or another designated location, as specified by the court.
This method of service is considered a last resort to provide the defendant with notice of the lawsuit, allowing the legal proceedings to move forward even if the defendant cannot be served in the traditional manner.
1. Download the Document
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2. Make Service Payment
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4. eFile Account Setup and eFile
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Please reach out to the court to inquire about the filing's status.
Note: While eFiling, it is not uncommon that the filings get rejected. We kindly ask for your understanding, as document rejections can occur due to various factors like missing information, incorrect formatting, outdated documents, documents' size, etc. The court filing fees deducted from the account will be returned back to the account within 3 to 10 business days, depending on financial policies of the banks/credit companies.